Twelfth Night 2016-01-16

Twelfth Night 2016 – It’s Bean A Long Time Since An Old Fashioned Twelfth Night

January 16, 2016, 9:00am – 10:00pm

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School
4939 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1525

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Return to the English traditions of the Winter Festival!  In English tradition, the Christmas festival was ended at the Festival of Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men arrived to bring gifts. According to this story, they arrived 12 days after the birth, which is the origin of the 12 Days of Christmas theme.

For a time, using the old Julian calendar, 12th Night was celebrated on January 17. In English folk traditions, this is also the end of the winter festival. The celebration is characterized by the theme of Reversal. For once in the year, the normal order of life can be reversed. The nobles become peasants, peasants become nobles, women can dress as men, and everyone enjoys the disorder. Shakespeare used this theme for his play Twelfth Night, where Viola dresses as a boy and becomes the object of Countess Olivia’s affection.

The Lord of Misrule is chosen by random chance. A plum cake is served, containing a bean and a pea. Whoever receives the bean becomes the Lord of Misrule for the evening, and the recipient of the pea will be the Queen of Misrule.

We will honor many of the English traditions in family-friendly games and activities, such as:

  • Bean King/ Queen. Selected by the King Cake at lunch. They will be the Rulers of Misrule for one mischievous hour.
  • Indoor Snowball Fight using soft fabric snowballs.
  • Wassail singing
  • Classes explaining the history and traditions related to 12th Night. Different cultures, various foods and entertainments, how to make a Yule Log, and more.
  • Open Arts and Sciences display/ Craftsperson’s Faire. Attend your display for 1 hour. Populace bean-count to determine winners.
  • Her Majesties “Heart” Challenge
  • Concert, including traditional songs for the season.
  • Dance Ball in the afternoon, featuring English Country Dances
  • Coffee bar in the morning
  • Musicians and background music
  • Scribal playroom
  • Bardic circle in the evening
  • Basket Raffle for Charity. Themed for the 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Expanded Feast with extra seats in the Below the Salt section.
  • “Thrown Weapons” and Ninepins, using the bowling alley at the site.

Yes, there will be Royal Court! Make your plans now, and send in your award recommendations early! Watch this space – more information to come.

Event Steward: Countess Sir Fern de la Foret, OP (fern1445-fern01 AT Yahoo DOT com)


Event Staff | Site Details | Schedule | Lunch | Feast | Activities | Hotels


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