Twelfth Night 2017 – Food

Twelfth Night in Mongolia


On Table

Pine nuts
Apricot kernels

1st Course

Eggplant Manta
Roast Curlew (poultry)
Bear soup (taste portion)
Galangal congee

2nd Course

Meat and Vegetable “Broth”
Mushroom Pao-tzu
Goose Morsels
Galangal Sauce Pork
Poppy Seed Buns
Cow’s milk buns




Fruit juices

Recipes were redacted from A Soup for the Qan. Although the recipes themselves are very close to the originals, the menu is atypical because meat (particularly mutton) is under represented and vegetables are over represented.

For dietary considerations,  contact the feast steward BEFORE Jan. 2, 2017. We will make accommodations, however due to the nature of this feast separate cooking will be needed, and a prepaid non-refundable feast reservation will be required.

Feast Ingredients

On Table

  • Cheese
  • Pine nuts
  • Apricot kernels

1st Course


Eggplant manta – Eggplant, lamb, onion, orange peel, salt with a sauce of yoghurt, garlic, and basil

Roast Eurasian Curlew – Chicken (substituted for curlew (a small bird)) coriander, green onions, five spice, oil

Bear soup – bear meat, tsaoko cardamoms, black pepper, kasni (chicory), turmeric, grain of paradise, saffron, onions, salt, and soy

Galangal congee – galangal, rice, water

2nd Course

Meat and Vegetable broth – lamb, tsaoko cardamom, chickpeas, bean thread noodles (gluten free), yams, pickled ginger, sweet melon pickle, cheese, carrots, mushrooms, ginger, eggs, sesame seed paste, apricot kernel paste, onion, salt, and vinegar

Mushroom Pao-tzu – mutton, mushrooms, onion, butter, ginger, orange peel, 5-spice powder, salt, and soy in flour skins

Goose – Goose, ginger, onions, salt

Galangal Sauce Pork – pork, orange peel, galangal, flower pepper (Szechuan pepper), cinnamon, tsaoko cardamom, mustard, onion, rice vinegar, oil, and honey

Poppy Seed Buns – flour, milk, butter, poppy seed, salt, and baking powder (served with butter)

Cow’s milk buns – flour, milk, butter, fennel, salt, soda

Lunch Menu

Beef Stew
(Bacon, Onion, Shallots, Butter, Beef, Flour, Salt and pepper, Garlic, Cognac, Beef stock, Dijon mustard(Commercially prepared), Stone-ground mustard(commercially prepared), Carrots, Mushrooms, Red Wine, Potatoes)
Lentil Stew

For menu questions and dietary concerns, contact the Lunch Steward.

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