Twelfth Night 2017 – Site Details

Twelfth Night in Mongolia

Site Details

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School
4939 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1525

Site opens: 9:00 am
Site closes: 10:00 pm
Site is Bone Dry

  • Adult Registration (18+) $15
  • Adult Member Discount Registration (18+) $10
  • Youth Registration (6-17) $5
  • Child Registration (0-5) free

Lunch (limit 150, purchase ticket at gate): $5

Feast (limit 80): $13

(Note the feast is very meat-centric. Those with special dietary considerations contact the feast steward BEFORE Jan. 2, 2017. We will make accommodations, however due to the nature of this feast separate cooking will be needed, and a prepaid non-refundable feast reservation will be required.)

Pre-registration (highly recommended) for site, lunch, and feast together may be sent to:

Julia Needlman
ATTN: 12th Night
1027 N. Marshfield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

(Download Registration Form – Twelfth Night 2017.)

Everyone must sign in at gate. Gate will close at 3:30 pm. Please bring your proof of membership (blue cards) for $5 discount.

NOTE: Space is tight around the sign in tables. Please bring only what you need to check in to the gate, and keep the area as clear as possible.

In particular, move away from the gate to review the contents of your pouch for The Trading Game.

Daycamps will be allowed in the Great Hall until 3:30 pm, when we set up for Feast. There is limited space for daycamps, so first-come, first served!


  • North Star Armoury
  • Ingrid the Crafty
  • Costume Ladies

All activities at 12th Night are family-friendly, suitable for both children and adults, according to their interests. There will be no designated children’s area or youth activities. We trust that you and your family will enjoy interacting with all of the members of the SCA at this event!


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