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Masked Ball

The Ball will be at 2:00 pm, in the Basement.

Set 1:
Carolingian or Belle Qui Pavane
Jenny Pluck Pears
Rufty Tufty
Black Alman
Heralds in Love

Set 2:
Rostiboli Gioioso
Petite Vriens
Gracca Amorosa

Set 3:
Horse Bransle
Montarde Branle
Official Bransle
Pease Bransle

Set 4:
Sellengers Round
Upon a Summer’s Day
Hearts Ease
Gathering Peascods

Set 5: Bonus Italian set (if there is time)
Ballo Del Fiore
Saltarello La Regina
Bella Gioiosa

Visiting musicians are welcome to sit in with the live band. The music can be found in this set (same set as last year).


All classrooms are on the 3rd Floor (elevator available).

(model) Gondola Making

Sir Fern de la Foret
TBD am Classroom: Craft Room

Description: Make a (model) gondola to use in the races. Gondolas will be built atop a framework of Hot Wheels cars. Bring your own cars, or use the ones provided by Tree Girt Sea.

Class Limit: None

My First Basic Leather Pouch

Lady Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht
10:00 am

We will review the main tools and stitches needed for leatherworking while making a basic leather pouch. Students will leave the class with a working pouch (or a pouch-in-progress!)

Class Limit: 8 hands on, 12 handouts, unlimited auditing
Age Limit: 14+ for hands on, younger may sit in
Cost: $9 for materials, 0 for handout

Round Table Discussion on the Ideals and Goals of Peerage

Baroness Hillary of Langeforde, OP
Countess Fern de la Foret, KSCA, OP
Baron Robyyan Torr d’Elandris, OL, OP
11:00 am

Everyone is welcome, whether you are a Peer, are acquainted with a Peer, or have no idea what it means to be a Peer. The Peerages are the orders of: the Chivalry (Knighthood), the Laurel (Arts and Sciences), the Pelican (Service), and Defense (Rapier). We will explore the similarities and Differences among the Peerage orders as well as the philosophy of the responsibilities and privileges of Peerage.

Pack a Period Lunch

Mistress Tacit Darby

Going to an event with no lunch tavern, have food allergies, a tight budget, or just want to do your own thing? We’ll discuss what sorts of period-appropriate foods are easy to carry with you, are seasonally appropriate for your persona, and are tasty at room temperature. A range of skill- and commitment-levels will be addressed.

Pirate Women in the Middle Ages

Lady Susanna Merrybegot

Details TBD

From Kitchen to Table: Serving Feasts in the SCA

Baroness Hillary of Langeforde

An introduction to successfully serving feasts in the Society, including explanations of various positions and how they all work together. Will discuss scheduling, plating, problem solving, medieval serving customs from various cultures and what makes a great serving experience.

14th Century Italian Ballate

Lady Margrett Norwoode

Exploration of the Italian Ballata, both monophonic and polyphonic: Includes an exploration of the musical form in its historical context as well as samples of a one-voice ballata, a two-voice ballata and a three-voice ballata. If the participants would like to do so, we can learn and try out the two-voice ballata for a hands-on experience of the musical form (Ecco La Primavera by Francesco Landini). If not, I will share more sample ballate and discuss with the class.

Heraldic Consulting

A heraldic consulting table will be available turning the day, hosted by Shield Herald Damian Nihthauk.

Thrown Roundels

The Ayreton Archers will once again sponsor “Thrown Roundels” games in the bowling alley in the church basement. The games will be open from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, with continuous activity. You do not need your own bowling shoes. There are a limited number of bowling lanes, so please be prepared to take turns. This activity is free, but donations will be accepted since we are paying for the use of the bowling alley.

Gondola Races

Fern de la Foret

Venice is famous for its canals and for the gondolas that glide along them. On special occasions in Venice, Gondola Races are held to celebrate the dexterity, speed, and sinuous beauty of the gondolas, and the ability of the gondoliers. The races are traditionally dedicated to St. Mark, the patron saint of the city of Venice.

Gondola Races at 12th Night will re-create this excitement in miniature. Aspiring gondoliers will “build” their gondolas in the morning and race them during lunch. The boat shop will be in the Craft Room, with the main races in the large populace room, so that All May Participate.

Gondolas will be built atop a framework of Hot Wheels cars. Bring your own cars, or use the ones provided by Tree Girt Sea. (Any abandoned gondolas will be donated to the church nursery toybox.) This is a family-friendly activity and all gondoliers are welcome!

Scribal Sandbox

Hosted by Byrgithe Mueller (Katje Sabin)

The Science Room on the 3rd Floor will be dedicated to scribal arts. Bring your works in-progress, your scroll blanks, your pens and brushes! This is an open playdate, with no official classes.

Concert before Court

While waiting for court, enjoy a concert presented by the music groups of Ayreton.

Bardic Circle

Hosted by Master Cerian Cantwr, in the basement Fellowship Hall from 8:00 pm until 9:45.

Silent Auction and Bake Sale

We are holding a silent auction and bake sale fund raiser to benefit a dear person who needs some help due to medical costs associated with fighting a catastrophic illness. Your disposable cash and/or your donations would be much appreciated.

Donations to be auctioned include:

  • Performance by renowned Wizard, Dr. Henry Best at your Pennsic Camp
  • A custom piece of poetry by Ursula Mortimer, Poet to the Court of Cameron and Amalie
  • Fabric! Wools, linens and silks in five to ten yard lengths
  • Faceted large semi precious stones
  • Pearls
  • Scribal supplies
  • your donation here

Sunday Glassblowing

Aethelwulf of Dover (Thomas Scrip) will host a glass-working workshop on Sunday, January 14, 2018, from 9AM -12PM

Location: Chicago Hot Glass, 1250 North Central Avenue, Chicago Il 60651. Map

“The plan is to play with “molten sand” I never know what we are going to make till l get there, some times the glass has a mind of its own. Depending on the number of people that attend a chance of working the glass can be had. Glass blowing is s “team sport” any thing from “bench air” to “opening the furnace door” can be done by any one. Might try making cups, slump bowl, or ornaments.”

Glass making is dangerous and so unsuitable for young children, older well-behaved children may come with close parental supervision.

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