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Twelfth Night on the Venetian Rialto – The Food

Italian Feast

While this feast is in celebration of 12th Night, the menu is designed to be very comforting and accessible to the guest.

From the Credenza

The first course is ready to go when the guests are seated. The food will be placed on tables as soon as the presiding nobility is seated. This course is served room temperature. Most of these items are really finger foods.

Pollanche d’India Affumicato
Morsels of Turkey, Hot Smoked over Fruit Wood

Grapes-Olives-Martinated Vegetables

Insalata Misto
Mixed green salad featuring fresh herbs

From the Kitchen at First

This is the first hot course from the kitchen. The porchetta is unctuous and just delicious. The components of this course will likely end up as little sandwiches in the hands of our guests.

Roasted pork, defined by crispy, salty skin and rolled and tied around an herb and garlic paste.

Mustard Sauce
Toasted mustard seeds ground and married to vinegar and other spices to create a highlight for the pork.

Contains Wheat
Small rolls with large bubble structure that will soak up juices from the pork quite nicely.

Insalata de Cipolle
Roasted Onion Salad

Minestra di Broccoli asciutti
Broccolini (or Romanesco sauteed with olive oil and seasonings)

From the Kitchen at Second

This is the second hot course from the Kitchen. Simple and delicious, made special with a touch of saffron. This course is gluten free, and two dishes are vegetarian.

Pollo Arrosto con Limoni
Chicken roasted with Lemons

Piatto di Carote
Carrots with Parsley

Risotto with Saffron
Gluten Free, Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
Arborio rice cooked with vegetable broth with saffron, finely minced onion, finished with cheese and cream

From the Credenza Again

Canditi et Confection
Candied spices, nuts, and fruit peels

Torta di Mele Rustiche
Apple Tarts


Chinese soup with bean thread noodles (G), vegetables (bamboo shoots, pea pods, Chinese celery, bean sprouts, and TBD (to be determined)) plus your choice, one of:

  • Shredded chicken (G) (rice wine, soy) in chicken broth (chicken, black pepper, salt, carrots,onion, celery)
  • Water dragons (G) (minced pork, green onion, apricot kernel paste, soy) in pork broth (pork, salt, ginger, water dragon poaching liquid)
  • Marinated tofu (G) (TBD) and vegetables (TBD) in vegetable broth (G) (TBD, soy, ginger)

Hard-boiled egg (G) or tea egg (G) (hard-boiled egg marinated in tea, soy, and 5 spice)

Almond cookie (flour, ground almonds, butter, sugar, egg, salt, baking powder, almond extract)

Fruit (TBD)

Iced tea – sweet or unsweet

NOTE – except for the cookie all items were designed to be (G) gluten-free. However, some ingredients were manufactured in China and their ingredient lists may not be 100% accurate.

The menu and recipes are modified from and inspired by “Cloud Forest Hall Collection of Rules for Drinking and Eating” (Translated by Teresa Wang & E.N. Anderson, Published in Petits Propos Culinaires #60, ISSN 0142-4857, 1998) and A Soup for the Quan, translated By Paul D. Buell, ISBN 0-7103- 0583-4 @2000.




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