Twelfth Night 2018 – Schedule

Twelfth Night on the Venetian Rialto


(Subject to change)

9:00 am Site Opens
Coffee Bar (Youth Room – Basement, until 11:00 am)
Merchants Open (Great Hall / Basketball Gym)
10:00 am Classes & Scribal Sandbox Begin (3rd Floor, until 4:00 pm, last class starts at 3:00)
Crafts Room open, Gondola making until 1:00 pm, Mask making until 2:00pm
Heraldic Consulting (Great Hall / Basketball Gym)
Class: Basic Leather Pouch (3rd Floor)
11:00 Class: Roundtable Discussion on the Ideals and Goals of Peerage (3rd Floor)
11:30 am Lunch (Fellowship Hall / Downstairs lunchroom – Basement, until 1:00 pm)
12:00 Class: Pack a Period Lunch (3rd Floor)
12:30 pm Feast Centerpiece Making (Youth Room, until 1:00 pm)
1:00 pm Gondola Races (Great Hall, until 2:00 pm)
Thrown Roundels (Bowling alley – Basement, until 3:00 pm)
Class: Pirate Women in the Middle Ages (3rd Floor)
Class: 14th Century Ballate (Music Room)
2:00 pm Ball (Fellowship Hall / Downstairs lunchroom – Basement, until 4:00 pm)
3:00 pm Crafts Room Closes
Class: From Kitchen to Table: Serving Feasts in the SCA (3rd Floor)
3:30 pm Gate Closes
4:00 pm Merchants, Classes, and Scribal Sandbox close
Great Hall closes for Feast preparation
4:30 pm Concert (Sanctuary – 1st Floor, until 5:30 pm)
5:30 pm Baronial Court (Sanctuary – 1st Floor)
6:30 pm Feast (Great Hall / Basketball Gym – 1st Floor, until 8:30 pm)
8:00 pm Bardic Circle (Fellowship Hall – Basement, until 9:45 pm)
8:30 pm Begin feast cleanup. Great Hall is closed to visitors during cleanup, the Fellowship Hall (Basement) remains open until 9:45 pm.
10:00 pm Site Closes

Sunday Regional Fighter Practice

After the revelry of Twelfth Night, it’s time to get in shape for the New Year of martial arts!

The Canton of Grey Gargoyles will host a Regional Fighting Practice on Sunday afternoon from 2pm -5pm in Midlothian, IL.
This is in a large fellowship hall in a church south of Chicago. Easy access to the highway, plenty of room for heavy and light fighting, plenty of hanging-out space, large parking lot!

Please do not wear black soled shoes as they are not allowed in the gym.

January 14, 2018 from 2:00-5:00 pm
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
14700 Kildare Rd.
Midlothian, IL 60445

(Please note: Do NOT be distracted by 14700 Kildare Rd in Chicago. We’ll see you in Midlothian!)

Contact Lady Susanna the Short (Susan Mickelson) at mickel14 @ if you have any questions

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