Twelfth Night 2018

Twelfth Night On the Venetian Rialto: Where East meets West

January 13, 2018, 9:00am – 10:00pm

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School
4939 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1525

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Our journey down the Silk Road ends in the Venetian Marketplace.

We at Tree-Girt-Sea invite you to our Twelfth Night celebration this year.  Our theme is the Venetian Rialto: Where East meets West.  This ends our journey on the Silk Road in the great marketplace Venice.  We envision this as the marketplace where people come together, not just east and west, but old and young, familiar and new.

We are planning lots of fun activities for the whole family. There will be things for everyone to see and do, and, lots of opportunities to get together with friends, and to make new ones.  We have lots of planned activities that are fun and family friendly.

If you would like to teach a class contact the class coordinator. We are looking for fun hands-on family-friendly classes especially those related to the theme of Venice: where East meets West.

Merchants please contact the merchant coordinator to make arrangements.

Watch this space for more information.


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